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Extra Password Eudemon is a password manager and database
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Extra Password Eudemon is a password manager and database. It allows you to store regularly used passwords in a centralized database, which can be encrypted for added security. This application has no browser integration, so you can't grab passwords from websites automatically. Many password managers out there have a a plug-in that allows them to talk to web browsers to save passwords quickly with almost zero user input. Extra Password Eudemon lacks that very important feature. Adding passwords to the interface is sufficiently easy, though. You simply create new entries in the database. For each entry, you have to input a bit of information. Of course, you have to give it a name, input a password, and you can additionally create individual notes.

Your password database can be protected in two ways. The usual approach is to password-protect the application, and there is encryption for AES and Twofish algorithms. The other way is to create a key file, which you can then put on a USB flash drive. If the file is absent, the application won't reveal any of your passwords. This is a good approach, but only if you can make sure you are not going to lose the key file.

In short, Extra Password Eudemon is a password manager that allows for easy password input, it has encryption and supports a key file for database blocking, but it misses an essential feature: browser integration.

José Fernández
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  • Good encryption options
  • Easy to add entries


  • No browser integration
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